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$120.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

The MTN-TEC Disrupter is one of the most versatile electric cycles on the market.   The T-drive system brings together 3 e-bike all stars.
• Tec-pack 52V, 10.4Ah lithium battery with high quality Sanyo cells (long reliable performance)
• Cyclone brushless mid drive motor that will handle up to 72v and 3000W (unmatched expand-ability)
• Cycle Analyst fully programmable computer. (ultimate flexibility)
The Disrupter offers an unprecedented level of power, control and expand-ability that is unmatched by other mass produced E-bikes.  

Across the board the Disrupter is equipped with thoughtful, high quality parts.  The mountain comfort seat, sturdy platform pedals and pro-foam grips all deliver comfort and confidence that comes from quality construction.  Sealed bearings in the hubs, pedals and bottom bracket keeps maintenance low and doesn’t mind a car-wash hose down.  

The 4” Vee Rubber Mission Command tires offer a feature that is reserved only for the highest quality tires: tubeless ready.  This means you have the option to go tubeless which removes about 2 pounds of rolling weight and virtually eliminate pinch flats.  

Tectro 160mm Disc Brakes with your choice of quality Wuxing E-Levers means right out of the box the Disrupter will be best suited to your riding style.  
• Choose the 4 finger lever if you have smaller hands or are concerned about strength. The 4 finger lever allows you to brake using all four fingers to squeeze the brake lever.  
• The 2 finger lever is similar to most high quality mountain bike levers.  The shorter arm is designed to accommodate 2 fingers to do the braking.   

In all the Disrupter is built to offer outstanding performance, no matter the conditions and years of reliable service.